We had the opportunity to do a residency for two weeks in the Pig Rock Bothy at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. We made a wide range of work in response to pieces showing at the gallery as part of the NOW exhibition. Over the two weeks, we also had very interesting conversations … Continue reading BOTHY PROJECT


Boundaries, Transit and Displacement

  1st STAGE OF THE PROJECT Since very early in human history, we've been absorbed by the idea of space and its control. Ancient civilizations would use landmarks to identify where their territory ended and where the "other or unknown " began. Those early borders were ambiguous, often made by a physical boundary: mountains, rivers, … Continue reading Boundaries, Transit and Displacement


During a visit to Glasgow International 2018, we had the opportunity to have a guided tour through some of the exhibitions. The tour, lead by some students of GSA, was focused on exhibitions that engaged with the loose theme "Speculative Stories: Imagining Futures". During the tour, we questioned how the selected artists explore the concept … Continue reading GI


FOCUS - FUEGO - FOCARIS - HOGAR The word "HOGAR" -"Home" in Spanish- comes from the Latin FOCARIS, meaning fire. For many centuries, humans have identified as "home" the place where the fire is, the concept is related to the safety that a fire gives, thus it is unconsciously liked with concepts such as light, warmth, and … Continue reading FOCARIS