Rotten Mangoes

RESOLUTION   Continuing making work in response to the theme of the Bolivarian Diaspora and the Bolivarian Revolution, I have developed a symbolism and experimented with audiovisual pieces and drawings. The most successful audiovisual work developed so far, is a video in which I covered a mango seed with a crude-like substance. The seed is … Continue reading Rotten Mangoes

Rotten Mangoes

For this project I have decided to make work in response to the Bolivarian Revolution and The Bolivarian Diaspora. The Bolivarian Revolution -Revolucion Bolivariana in Spanish- is a political process in Venezuela that has caused one of the biggest economical collapses in modern history. The revolution process started with theĀ  1992 coup-attempt led by the … Continue reading Rotten Mangoes

BARRIERS -an evaluation of the work until this point-

2nd stage: PRODUCTION The production phase of the project has finalized and I have produced a very wide range of work in response to the theme of Boundaries, transit and displacement. The first responses were maquettes, writing and many 2D experiments (photographs, collage and drawing). I found in acetate a metaphor for the ambiguity of … Continue reading BARRIERS -an evaluation of the work until this point-


KIM SOOJA Korean video, performance and installation artist based in New York and Paris. She works with traditional Korean materials and references to construct narratives of transcultural experiences. Her perspective is a more optimistic view - belief in a world that can coexist with its various perspectives, cultural, religious and social contexts. BOTTARI, 1994 Bottari … Continue reading CONTEXTUAL RESEARCH